Lesson 3: How to Get Free NANO

Great to have you here! This is the third lesson of a series of super easy lessons that will help YOU getting started with cryptocurrencies.

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Lesson 1: Getting started with NANO (online since April 14, 2018)
Lesson 2: How To Buy NANO (online since April 22, 2018)
Lesson 3: How To Get Free NANO (see below, online since April 22, 2018)
Lesson 4: How To Get BANANO (online since April 26, 2018)
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Content of Lesson 3: How to Get Free NANO
This will be a fun one! We will introduce you to some easy and free options to get more free NANO. By doing so, we will also try to introduce some new terms and information that you will need in the future.

Step 1: Always be careful!
Nothing to do here, but just a short reminder: As you will see in a minute, you can get free NANO. You already got some free NANO in Lesson 1. This is great! But many people also may try to trick you! So remember: If an offer sounds too good, it probably is a scam!

Just two simple rules for now:

  • Never (!) give away the private keys/seeds of your wallets to anyone! It is fine to use your public address (starting with xrb_…).
  • Never (!) send crypto to anyone that has promised to send you back more in return!
  • Ok, that’s it for now, let’s go for free NANO and crypto next:

Step 2: Get more free NANO – by mining
You remember the nanofaucet in Lesson 1. You might have noticed this only worked once. This was just created by a nice guy to get people started with NANO. Here’s one option to get some more – by “mining”:

Note: The Nano-Miner website has been discontinued. We are working to replace this point with another option. Follow us on Twitter for updates!

  • Nano-Miner.com
  • Just paste in your NANO address (starting with xrb_…) and click “start mining”.
  • Your adblocker might block this site, since it is a “miner” running on this website.
  • Mining is using your computing power and pays you for this. Mining is used for many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero, to approve transactions, and the mining reward is normally fractions of the respective coin.
  • NANO is more advanced and does not need any mining. However since NANO allows feeless transactions, the owner of this website has created a Monero miner and offers you trade your computer power for mining, and pays you then in NANO on a daily base. This will not make you rich, but it only takes you 20 minutes or so (depending on your computing power) to accumulate enough to pay out to your account. Try it if you like!
  • Some more info: Monero is used often for browser mining, for example some websites have Monero miners installed and mine while you visit those (no worries, not us). However if you would mine Monero with a normal computer, it would take months to mine enough too reach a payout threshold. You can try mining Monero on the coinhive website to test your computing power if you like, normally you will reach around 30 hashes/second. If your computer has more computing power, it might be higher.
  • Take home message: You now have learnt what mining is. You also have now heard about another cryptocurrency – Monero.
  • Another thing that we can learn from this example: The Nano-Miner.com website still uses the letters XRB for NANO. This is because NANO was called “Raiblocks” until December 2017, with the abbreviation XRB. It was then re-branded in January 2018 to NANO. You will often see still NANO being abbreviated as XRB.

Step 3: Get more free NANO – by daily website visits
There are countless offers for free crypto in the internet. Xenogifts is a valid service that we already tested and that is paying out in NANO:

    • XenoGifts.com
    • This is an easy one. Just register and get your first free Xenocoins.
    • Then you have two options to earn more Xenocoins: Get paid once a day for just logging in and hitting the “claim” button, and you can just do more tasks like answering surveys or watching videos to earn more Xenocoins.
    • After a relatively short time you should have earned enough Xenocoins to convert them to NANO. Just go to >Spend Coins >Cryptocurrency >NANO and put in your NANO address. That’s it!
    • You will see that they offer to pay out in a handful of other crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Verge, Dogecoin, Monero, Cardano, Stellar, and Neo. However, NANO will be the best choice here since it has a low payout threshold and is feeless.

All done? Congrats! Lesson 3 is complete! Just one more step to do: If you have friends that also might be interested, give them your referral link from your Kucoin account to earn a bonus. You can then receive the bonus on Kucoin in crypto directly and use it to buy more NANO. This way you can establish your own crypto portfolio without investing too much of your own money over time. Try it out! Register here at Kucoin if you don’t have an account yet.

Next lesson: Lesson 4: How To Get BANANO
The next update will introduces you to BANANO, the most fun crypto currency ever! Check it out!
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