This website aims to help getting started with cryptocurrencies at the example of NANO and BANANO in a very simplified and easy way. It was made for people who are unexperienced and new to cryptocurrencies.

Ideas, suggestions and any other feedback welcome! Please send it to HowToNANO@pm.me

Last update: May 7, 2018. More updates will follow on a regular base.

How to support HowToNANO.info
Keeping this website running does cost a bit of real money, so if you like to support us you can do so by donating to the addresses below (NANO or BANANO preferred). All donations and profit from the few referral links implemented on HowToNANO.info will be exclusively used to maintain or promote the website, so that more people will hear about crypto and especially NANO.

BANANO: ban_1kdcquap39d6nugficr4u1g87cqpaau4mig55sgjgtgi7jp8km5shobds61m

QR-Code made with nanosign.org
NANO: xrb_3ke6th8xthd8ejft7g6sx598rqfykj1u6htfxbfwisi4skg36xhcracwq7yc
You can also send us a small donation with NANO in a comfortable way with the free service NaNote. It is free and has taken 3 minutes (!) to register and implement it in this website to accept NANO payments. If you run a business or have an online shop, try it out, it is so easy!

Other donation addresses:
BCH: qpthys9khqft942nhg6yqu4348mxjgp6sscqh2gx99
BTC: 1MxYxz6f59T1aAu2gfo5oLmdEv8Ro7ENXw
ETH: 0x27a91702002ba72885f10315a8a7c6E8A5A023B0
DOGE: DEXFBhp6fXT52cMSY55iGEja7JgHnVj4C5
REDD: RmHLWzqpV7F9R3ma5fFmPs8zyf2A57rfEW
WAVES: 3PEsveJxQvZgMyMUpTHQbKGec8s5ErFzo83
MYRIAD: MNW2uTdZYLokoSt48jygu6UE47K7sARTaW
DASH: XjBB6ib39JgLZdjoko3iXMUapaUpvj3dqo

Thanks in advance!