Lesson 1: Getting started with NANO

Great to have you here! This is the first lesson of a series of super easy lessons that will help YOU getting started with cryptocurrencies.

Currently, these lessons are available, be sure to start with the first one and check back for new lessons coming up!
Lesson 1: Getting started with NANO (see below, online since April 14, 2018)
Lesson 2: How To Buy NANO (online since April 22, 2018)
Lesson 3: How To Get Free NANO (online since April 22, 2018)
Lesson 4: How To Get BANANO (online since April 26, 2018)
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So you are new to crypto currencies? Maybe heard about it in the media? Wonder why everbody is so excited about it? No worries, it is still early enough to catch up! It is great you came here, because this website aims to guide you through the first steps of getting started, without making it too complicated. Not all details and options and background information is given, but that’s why these lessons will be very easy and only take a few minutes each to complete, promised!

In the news you mainly hear about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, but there are so many newer and more technically advanced crypto currencies, tokens or coins with lots of potential, and one of the technically most advanced ones is NANO.

NANO is great because all transactions are instant and free! So you don’t pay any fees for sending or receiving NANO, and it is super fast. Plus, as true for most crypto currencies, you have full control and ownership of YOUR assets.

Content of Lesson 1: Getting started with NANO:
This lesson will get you a wallet (you need this to store your NANO) and some real FREE NANO within a few minutes. The risks of using crypto currencies and the technology behind it will be explained in future lessons, no need to worry about this for now. But please don’t handle higher amounts of value before you have learnt more about how it works, otherwise you might lose money.

Step 1: Get a NANO wallet
You need a wallet to store your NANO in, like you store your cash in a wallet.

Get a NANO wallet with these simple steps on any device, (also works on mobile devices!):

  • Go to this website: nanovault.io
  • Click “Create a new wallet”
  • Your seed will be displayed, copy this and keep it somewhere safe. Never give this to anyone else!
  • Click “I’ve saved my seed”.
  • Set a password. Be sure to never lose that password. If you lose it, you could recover your wallet with your seed.
  • Your wallet is ready! Step 1 is completed! Congrats! You now have a NANO wallet!

Step 2: Get some free NANO

  • Click on “view accounts”.
  • Now you see your NANO wallet address, (starting with “xrb_”) which is like an account number.
  • You also see your balance (currently 0.000000 NANO, but this will change in 1 min).
  • Click on the NANO wallet address, it looks like this: xrb_3ke6th8xthd8ejft7g6sx598rqfykj1u6htfxbfwisi4skg36xhcracwq7yc
  • Click again on the NANO wallet address at the top and copy it.
  • Go to the website www.nanofaucet.org
  • Paste in your NANO wallet address, solve the captcha and click “Send me some!”
  • The site should then state something like: “We just sent you 0.000386 NANO! Check your wallet!”
  • Let’s do that – go back to your wallet at nanovault.io
  • You should already see that you now have a balance, e.g. 0.000386 NANO. You might need to refresh the website to see it.
  • Step 2 is completed! Congrats, you now own some NANO!

Step 3: Use your NANO – send it to another NANO wallet

If you did not do this with a friend whom you could send NANO now, try making a second wallet!

  • There are currently several good other wallets available:
    the NANO wallet (Android),
    the CANOE wallet (multi-platform),
    and the web wallet at Nanowallet.io.
  • Some of these wallets are still beta versions, meaning that they are not 100% complete yet, but they work well already.
  • When creating your second NANO wallet, do the same steps as before:
    First backup your seed,
    then find your NANO address (the one starting with (“xrb_”). In most cases just click “receive” to see your address.
  • Then send some small amount of NANO from one wallet to the other, for example 0.00001 NANO. Just click “send”, put in the address and amount, and click send again.
  • You can also scan the QR code displayed to get the address of the receiving wallet.
  • Check the receiving wallet – you should see the NANO arriving instantly.
  • It worked? Awesome, you just made your first transaction by using the cryptocurrency NANO!

Congrats! Lesson 1 complete! You now have NANO and know how to send it. Since all transactions are free, you can send small amounts of NANO from one device to another, all day long if you like. You can also show it to your friends and tell them how it works. It is not worth a lot right now (1 NANO currently is worth approx. 6 USD), but you can see yourself and show others how it works.
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Next lesson: Lesson 2: How to buy NANO (online since April 22, 2018)
The next lesson includes how to buy NANO from an exchange. Continue now or just prepare for it by creating free accounts at the following websites: (It also sometimes takes some days to verify your identity (required at coinbase), so it is good to get started before you actually want to buy some):

  • Coinbase,com is the place where you can easily buy some other crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. After buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, you then send it to another exchange and exchange it there for NANO.
  • Binance.com or Kucoin.com – here you can exchange other coins that you bought at Coinbase (like Bitcoin Ethereum) to NANO. We recommend to create accounts at both for more future flexibility.

This is a very simple guide to get started within a few minutes and see NANO working. There are some details regarding security that you should be aware of. Be careful and read more before buying more NANO at exchanges. More info to follow soon, until then have a look at these pages:

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All information on this website is for educational purpose only. All information provided on this website is not intended to be a source of advice or investment analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information contained on this website does not constitute any investment advice. Especially cryptocurrencies cannot be considered a safe investment at the current stage, so please never invest more than you are willing to lose, diversify your investments, and always keep in mind that chances for huge gains also include possibilities of huge losses. Please also always keep in mind that if you lose your password and seed to your wallet, nobody will be able to help you to recover your funds. Please be sure you understand what you do before handling bigger values in cryptocurrencies.